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Cloud Code

Cloud Code and Duet AI IDE Plugins

Cloud Code is a set of AI-assisted IDE plugins for popular IDEs that make it easier to create, deploy and integrate applications with Google Cloud. Duet AI is integrated with Cloud Code, providing AI assistance directly on your IDE.

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AI Powered assistant

Duet AIPreview, your AI-powered collaborator, is available across Google Cloud and your IDE to help you get more done, faster.

Development made easy

Easily test and debug apps on Google Cloud directly from your IDE. Supports workloads including Compute Engine, GKE, and Serverless. 

Help where you need it

Avoid context switching through in-IDE assistance including templates for Google Cloud APIs. Supported on both VS Code and JetBrains IDEs. 

Key features

Cloud Code tools for maximizing developer productivity

AI-powered assistance

Duet AI comes integrated with Cloud Code, bringing AI assistance to your IDEs such as Visual Studio Code, Cloud Workstations, and JetBrains IDEs (IntelliJ, PyCharm, GoLand, WebStorm, and more). Duet AI can help complete your code while you write, generate code blocks based on comments, and also function as a chat assistant right in your IDE to help you write code faster and better. 

Remote debugging

If you're looking for a way to debug your application from your IDE, try Cloud Code to emulate a local debugging experience in your IDE. Because Cloud Code leverages Skaffold, you can simply place breakpoints in your code. Once your breakpoint is triggered, you can step through the code, hover over variable properties, and view the logs from your container.

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Reduce context switching

Context switching is time consuming and breaks up your workflow. While developing cloud based applications, you might switch between your IDE, Cloud Console, documentation, and logs. Cloud Code comes with built-in capabilities to reduce context switching. For example, with Cloud Code’s Kubernetes or Cloud Run explorers you can visualize, monitor, and view information about your cluster resources without running any CLI commands. 

YAML authoring support

Getting used to working with the Kubernetes YAML syntax and scheme takes time, and a lot of that time is trial and error. Cloud Code lets you spend more time writing code, thanks to its YAML authoring support features. Cloud Code’s inline documentation, snippets, completions, and schema validation, a.k.a. “Linting” make writing YAML files easier for developers.


Customers are using Duet AI to see increased productivity