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Investigate your code’s behavior in production

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Stackdriver Debugger is a feature of the Google Cloud Platform that lets you inspect the state of an application at any code location without using logging statements and without stopping or slowing down your applications. Your users are not impacted during debugging. Using the production debugger you can capture the local variables and call stack and link it back to a specific line location in your source code. You can use this to analyze the production state of your application and understand the behavior of your code in production.

Debug in Production

Stackdriver Debugger enables you to take a snapshot of your application state and link it back to source code with a few mouse clicks. You don’t have to add any logging statements. All local variables and call stack at a specific line location is captured the first time any instance executes the code. This is made available for viewing in a simple user friendly interface.

Multiple Source Options

Use Stackdriver Debugger with multiple source options or even without source code at all. If you don’t have access to source code, just provide a filename and line number to take a snapshot. Alternatively, you can upload source to Debug, connect the Debug to local source files or use cloud source repositories such as Google Cloud Source Repository, GitHub or Bitbucket.

Collaborate While Debugging

Easily collaborate with other team members by easily sharing your debug session. Sharing a debug session is as easy as sending a URL.

Use Your Workflows

Stackdriver Debugger is integrated into existing developer workflows. Launch Debugger and take snapshots directly from Logging, Error Reporting, dashboards, IDEs and the command line interface.

Stackdriver Debugger Features

Investigate your code’s behavior in production

Debug Snapshot
Capture the state of your application in production at a specific line location.
Conditional Snapshots
Use simple expression in the application language that must evaluate to true to take application snapshots.
IDE integration
Use Stackdriver Debugger within your IDE.
Easy Setup
Debugger is automatically enabled for all Google App Engine applications.

Stackdriver Debugger Pricing

Stackdriver Debugger is free to use for all Google Cloud Platform customers.