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A serverless platform for building event-based microservices

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Lightweight Event-based Microservices

Google Cloud Functions is a lightweight, event-based, asynchronous compute solution that allows you to create small, single-purpose functions that respond to cloud events without the need to manage a server or a runtime environment. Events from Google Cloud Storage and Google Cloud Pub/Sub can trigger Cloud Functions asynchronously, or you can use HTTP invocation for synchronous execution.

Completely Serverless

Cloud Functions run in a fully-managed, serverless environment in which we handle the servers, operating systems and runtime environments, and you focus on building great solutions.

Automatic Scaling and Super-fast

Each Cloud Function runs in its own isolated, secure execution context and its lifecycle is independent from other Cloud Functions. Functions are automatically scaled independently, and multiple instances of a function can concurrently process events emitted from other Cloud Platform resources.

Open and Familiar

Cloud Functions are written in Javascript and execute in a standard Node.js runtime environment. You can take your Cloud Function and run it in any standard Node.js runtime which makes both portability and local testing a breeze. You can even deploy your Cloud Function directly from your GitHub or Bitbucket repository.

Cloud Functions Features

A serverless platform for building event-based microservices

Cloud Pub/Sub Triggers
Cloud Functions can be triggered by messages on a Cloud Pub/Sub topic, and multiple functions can subscribe to the same topic.
Cloud Storage Triggers
You can associate a Cloud Function to mutation events on a Cloud Storage Bucket. Every time a file in your bucket is created, deleted or modified your function will execute.
HTTPS Invocation
Functions deployed with an HTTP trigger are given a fully qualified domain together with a dynamically generated SSL/TLS certificate for secure communication.
GitHub/Bitbucket Support
Using Cloud Source Repositories you can deploy Cloud Functions directly from your GitHub or Bitbucket repository without needing to upload code or manage versions yourself.
Logging & Monitoring
Logs emitted from your Cloud Functions are automatically written to Stackdriver Logging and performance telemetry is recorded in Stackdriver Monitoring.