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Managed databases (RDBMS, NoSQL), object, block and file storage, and archival

Whatever your storage needs, Google Cloud Platform has you covered. We offer object storage for different needs and price points, block storage for your VMs, file storage for applications that need a shared filesystem, as well as managed MySQL and globally scalable NoSQL databases. Our archival storage provides industry-leading pricing with the performance of disc.

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Persistent Disk

Storage guides and resources

Choosing a Storage Option

Learn about all the different storage options for structured, unstructured, transactional, or relational data.

Learn about storage options

Object Storage Classes

We offer three types of object storage classes with different availability, latency, and throughput characteristics.

Learn about storage classes

Storage Solutions for any Scale

Watch how Cloud Platform can scale from concept to petabytes based on your needs.

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Cloud Storage Transfer Service

Use Cloud Storage Transfer Service to quickly import online data into Cloud Storage.

Learn about Cloud Storage Transfer Service

Get started with gsutil

Learn how to access Cloud Storage from the command line.

View the quickstart

Loading Offline Data

Load offline data into Cloud Storage with the help of some of our service providers.

Learn about Offline Media Import/Export

“ That's a pretty staggering point of differentiation Google is offering essentially real-time access to archived files compared to Glacier that strings it out for hours. ”

— Forbes
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