What is Apigee Integration?

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Apigee Integration extends the Apigee API Management platform to include core integration features—connectors, an integration engine, and data transformation tools. Apigee Integration offers business organizations of all sizes the tools needed to connect and manage the multitude of software applications required to support business operations in a digital world.

An expanded solution for integration

Integrating software applications at an enterprise-level requires coordination of many factors, including security, connectivity, and data compatibility. Apigee Integration offers the ability to connect various applications so that they collaborate efficiently and function as one unit. With Apigee Integration's out-of-the-box triggers, configurable tasks, and friendly user interface, you can create enterprise-level integrations with ease.

Key benefits

With Apigee Integration, business organizations can:

  • Configure and use integrations to connect enterprise applications like Salesforce, databases like MySQL, and event driven systems like Cloud Pub/Sub.
  • Create long-running processes triggered by a variety of source data inputs.
  • Invoke integrations in response to external events or on a customized schedule.
  • Access and transform data payloads between applications into meaningful schema.

Available in the Apigee UI

Apigee Integration is now available within the Apigee UI alongside API Proxies as Integrations. Users with Apigee credentials can use the UI to create new integrations and access Integration features.

What's next