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The Registry API is an open-source project located at apigee/registry.

The API hub experience is primarily aimed at consumers and producers of APIs within an organization whose main concerns are finding and listing APIs in their organization's catalog. The Registry API is aimed at the API Platform Team, whose mission is to assure and improve (govern) the APIs in their entire organization.

The Registry API allows teams to upload and share machine-readable descriptions of APIs that are in use and in development. These descriptions include API specifications in standard formats like OpenAPI, the Google API Discovery Service Format, and the Protocol Buffers Language. These API specifications can be used by tools like linters, browsers, documentation generators, test runners, proxies, and API client and server generators. The Registry API itself can be seen as a machine-readable enterprise API catalog designed to back online directories, portals, and workflow managers.

The Registry API is formally described by the Protocol Buffer source files in google/cloud/apigeeregistry/v1. It closely follows the Google API Design Guidelines at and presents a developer experience consistent with production Google APIs.

The preferred method for obtaining the registry tool is from GitHub.

For more information, see apigee/registry.