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The API page provides detailed information about an API. When you select an API from the APIs list page or the My APIs page, the API page Overview tab is displayed.

API overview general API overview deployments API overview dependencies

The Overview tab has the following sections:


The general pane displays top-level information about an API, including the following:

  • Display name: Display name for the API. Defined when registering the API. To edit the display name, see Edit API registration details.
  • Description: Description of the API. Defined when registering the API. To edit the description, see Edit API registration details.
  • System and custom taxonomy elements
  • Document version: A link that opens the spec revision currently assigned to the deployment. This button appears only if the API has a recommended deployment set, and that deployment has a version assigned.
  • Get access: Provides instructions on how to access this API. To modify these instructions, see Edit deployment. This button apears only when there is a recommended deployment set.

If unknown labels or tags are attached through the public API, they are not displayed in the UI. Only labels that define known taxonomies are displayed.

Taxonomy values can be assigned a text description or URL. In this pane, if a taxonomy value is assigned a text description, an info icon is displayed next to the value that when hovered over, displays the description. If the value is a URL, the taxonomy value displayed becomes a hyperlink that opens the URL in a new browser tab. See Add taxonomy for more information.

Edit an API

See Edit API registration details.

Delete an API

See Delete API.


The Deployments tab displays all deployments for the API configured by the API Editor. Deployments represent live environments where the API is deployed. Deployments are ordered (descending) by the Environment name. The following information is displayed:

  • Environment
  • Documentation
  • Recommended deployment indicator
  • Gateway
  • Usage guidance
  • External channel
  • Get access

For more information, see Manage deployments.


The Versions tab displays all versions that have been defined for the API. Versions are ordered (descending) by version number. The following information is displayed:

  • Version
  • Lifecycle stage
  • Last revision
  • End of life

For more information, see Manage versions.

The Related pane, displayed at the bottom of the API Overview page, provides links to miscellaneous information related to the API. For example, implementation source code, design documentation, and infrastructure systems. For more information, see Related.



The Dependencies pane, displayed at the bottom of the API Overview page, lists all dependencies of the API, including other internal APIs (present in the API hub), external third-party APIs (not present in the API hub), and other production systems. For example, databases and storage solutions. For more information, see Dependencies.


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