Logging and monitoring on-premises resources with Stackdriver and Blue Medora

Stackdriver provides advanced logging and monitoring services for Google Cloud. Stackdriver supports logging and monitoring for Google Cloud and Amazon Web Services (AWS) natively, and supports logging and monitoring for hybrid and on-premises resources with BindPlane from Blue Medora. This solution describes the considerations and design patterns for using Stackdriver and BindPlane to provide logging and monitoring services for on-premises resources.

This series is intended for people in DevOps who are interested in logging or monitoring their hybrid or on-premises resources.

Using Stackdriver and Blue Medora can provide a powerful way to consolidate your logging and monitoring either as a part of a transition to Google Cloud or as part of a strategy to centralize logging and monitoring for your apps and infrastructure. For example, you might want to use a single tool for your logging and monitoring needs to simplify work for your DevOps and SRE teams, to reduce costs, or to standardize tooling. Or, you might want to monitor your on-premises resources through Stackdriver if you've deployed Google Cloud apps and infrastructure and need to monitor both your Google Cloud and your remaining on-premises apps and infrastructure.

This series consists of the following two parts:

  • Stackdriver Logging: Read about how Stackdriver Logging supports logging from on-premises resources.
  • Stackdriver Monitoring: Read about how Stackdriver Monitoring supports monitoring on-premises resources.