NetApp Cloud Volumes Service release notes

This page documents product updates to NetApp Cloud Volumes Service for Google Cloud. Check this page for announcements about new and changed features and related product information.

March 2022

  • Feature: Cloud Volumes Service now uses storage pools for volumes of the CVS service type. Storage pools let you flexibly scale volumes from 1 GiB to 100 TiB and utilize the performance of the underlying storage pool independent of volume capacity. For more information, see Managing storage pools.

  • Feature: You can now select specific zones for provisioning and failover of zone-redundant storage pools of the CVS service type. You can also initiate a cross-zone move.

  • Feature: Customer-managed encryption keys now support keys associated with a separate customer project. See Setting up customer-managed encryption keys.

  • Feature: Cloud Volumes Service now supports specification of an Active Directory connection type to allow a connection to be used for volumes of the CVS and CVS-Performance service types in a single Google Cloud region.

November 2021

October 2021

July 2021

May 2021

  • Feature: The CVS service type now supports SMB protocol/workloads. This feature is in preview. See Service types.

  • Feature: The volume replication feature now includes reverse sync, which you can use to replicate changes on the secondary volume back to the original source volume as part of a full recovery workflow. See Reverse sync volume replication relationships.

  • Feature: NFS volumes of the CVS-Performance service type now support extended groups using the Active Directory LDAP service. You can disable this feature if you need support for local NFS client users. See Creating an NFS volume and Creating an AD connection.

March 2021

February 2021

  • Feature: Cloud Volumes Service now supports Active Directory groups of users to have built-in backup operator privileges. Members of this group can override read and write permissions on files or folders if they are opened with backup intent.
  • Feature: Cloud Volumes Service now offers support for bringing non-RFC 1918 IP addresses into the NetApp network for the CVS-Performance service type.

November 2020

August 2020

  • Feature: Introduces a new Cloud Volumes service type. Cloud Volumes Service provides two service types: CVS and CVS-Performance. The new general-purpose CVS service type is intended for standard workloads, such as file and application shares, secondary storage, and moderate application workloads that need up to 100 MiB/s of performance. The CVS-Performance service type name refers to the service that was previously available as Cloud Volumes Service before the introduction of separate service types.

  • Feature: The CVS service type is available in the following regions: us-west1 (Oregon), us-east1 (South Carolina), europe-west1 (Belgium), europe-north1 (Finland), and southamerica-east1 (São Paulo, Brazil). The CVS-Performance service type is available in the europe-west4 (Netherlands) and northamerica-northeast1 (Montreal) regions. See Regional availability for Cloud Volumes Service.

  • Feature: Volumes that use the CVS service type can be backed up to Google Cloud Storage using the API for long-term protection and disaster recovery. See Backing up and restoring a cloud volume.

  • Feature: Volumes that use the CVS-Performance service type can use NFSv4.1 ACLs. See Creating and managing NFS volumes.

May 2020

  • Feature: CVS-Performance is certified to run as the storage platform for SAP HANA workloads in Google Cloud. For details about supported SAP HANA configurations, see the SAP certifications page.

April 2020

March 2020

February 2020

November 2019