Delete a snapshot

This page provides instructions for how to delete a snapshot.


Consider the following limitations before you delete a snapshot:

  • If you delete a volume, its snapshots delete automatically as well.

  • While snapshots help improve recovery time and point objectives in a backup concept, they don't remove the need to create a second physical copy of the data. For more information, see Recovery Point Objective (RPO).

  • You can delete manual and scheduled snapshots.

  • You can't delete internal snapshots manually.

  • Deletion fails if the last backup was created using the snapshot you want to delete.

  • Deletion fails if an existing snapshot was specified for a manual backup and that instance of the backup is the latest captured backup.

Delete a snapshot

Use the following instructions to delete a snapshot using the Google Cloud console or Google Cloud CLI:


  1. Go to NetApp Volumes page in the Google Cloud console.

    Go to NetApp Volumes

  2. Click Volumes.

  3. Select the volume you want to edit.

  4. Click Show more.

  5. Select Delete.

  6. To confirm deletion, enter the snapshot name in the Snapshot name field.

  7. Click Delete.


Run the following command to delete a snapshot:

 gcloud netapp volumes snapshots delete NAME \
  --project=PROJECT_ID \
  --location=LOCATION \

Replace the following details:

  • NAME: the name of the snapshot you want to delete.

  • PROJECT_ID: the project ID of the project you created the snapshot in.

  • LOCATION: the location of the volume.

  • VOLUME the name of the snapshot's volume.

For more options, run the following command:

gcloud netapp volumes snapshot create --help

What's next

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