Delete a volume replication

This page provides instructions for how to delete a volume replication.

Before you begin

You can only delete a replication if its status is set to Stopped. When you delete a replication, it removes the replication relationship between the source and destination volume. After the replication deletes, both volumes continue to exist independently with the current data they contain.


When you delete a replication, NetApp Volumes also deletes the common replication snapshots of source and destination volume. You can't resume a replication relationship for the two volumes again but you can create a new replication with either of them. When you create a new replication, it creates a new destination volume as part of the process.

Delete a replication

Use the following instructions to delete a replication using the Google Cloud console:

  1. Go to NetApp Volumes page in the Google Cloud console.

    Go to NetApp Volumes

  2. Click Volumes.

  3. Click the name of the volume you want to delete.

    The Details page appears.

  4. Select the Replication tab.

  5. Make sure that the Replication status is set to Stopped.

  6. Click Delete volume replication.

  7. In the Delete volume replication dialog, enter the name of the destination volume.

  8. Click Delete.

What's next

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