Monitor performance

This page provides details on monitoring Google Cloud NetApp Volumes performance.

Use Cloud Monitoring to track volume performance statistics

Cloud Monitoring tracks multiple performance metrics per volume that let you observe current and short-lived performance events. Metrics update every five minutes and provide an overview of performance trends, for periods of one day or longer, see NetApp Volumes Cloud Monitoring metrics.

Collect NFS performance statistics on your Linux operating system

You can collect Network File System (NFS) performance statistics on your Linux operating system using the following statistics:

  • nfsiostat: provides IOPS (ops/s), throughput (kB/s), blocksize (kB/op), and latency (average round-trip time (ms)) metrics. The information is split into read and write per NFS mount and is used to monitor traffic in real time.

  • mountstats: provides details about each NFS mount by NFS operation type. Each operation type shows the number of requests, the average number of transferred bytes, and the average latency.

  • nfsstat: provides details on how often NFS operations are called. This statistic can be used to determine the read and write ratio of your workload and helps to determine how metadata-intensive (metadata operations versus read and write) it is.

If your Linux installation doesn't provide these tools, consult your distributions package management system to determine which package provides them. For Debian-based systems like Ubuntu, they are provided in nfs-common.

Review SMB performance statistics using Windows

Windows clients provide real-time performance metrics through Windows Performance Monitor.

The Performance Monitor application and command line can be used to access the metrics, show real-time graphs, and collect data to create reports. For more information, see perfmon.

You can map a network share to see performance metrics like IOPS and latency. Server Message Block (SMB) metrics are found under SMB Client Shares and metrics are available for every mapped share.

The following table shows the NetApp Volumes metrics and their corresponding names in the Windows Performance Monitor.

Metric SMB client shares performance monitor name
Block size Average data bytes per request
Latency Average seconds per data request. Use scale 1,000 for milliseconds
IOPS Data requests per second
Throughput Data bytes per second
Concurrency Average data queue length and current data queue length
Read and write ratio Read bytes per second versus write bytes per second
Non-read and write requests, like listing a directory, reading file attributes, and deleting files Metadata requests per second

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