Revert a volume from a snapshot

This page provides instructions on how to revert a volume from a snapshot.

Before you begin

You can perform volume reversion when the volume is online and in use by clients. Reversion can change open files without any notification to the application and cause potential data corruption. To avoid this, we recommend that you stop all critical applications before you perform volume reversion. Reverting takes a few minutes.

Revert a volume from a snapshot

For volumes in an active replication relationship, only the source volume can be reverted.

Use the following instructions to revert a volume from a snapshot using the Google Cloud console or Google Cloud CLI:


  1. Go to the NetApp Volumes page in the Google Cloud console.

    Go to NetApp Volumes

  2. Click Volumes.

  3. Click Show more to revert the volume.

  4. Select Revert to display information about the volume.

  5. Select the snapshot to revert.

  6. Verify the creation of the snapshot.

  7. Click Revert.

    A dialog appears that displays the timestamp of the snapshot to revert and a list of the newer snapshots that disappear if you proceed with volume reversion.

  8. Enter the volume name in the Volume name field to confirm the revert operation.

  9. Click Revert.


Revert the volume to a snapshot:

   gcloud netapp volumes revert VOLUME_NAME 

Replace the following information:

  • VOLUME_NAME: the name of the volume that you want to revert to a specific snapshot point-in-time.

  • PROJECT_ID: the name of the project you want to revert the volume in.

  • LOCATION: the location of the volume you want to revert.

  • SNAPSHOT: the name of the snapshot used in order to revert the volume.

For more options, run the following command:

gcloud netapp volumes revert --help

What's next

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