Create a backup policy

Use the following instructions to create a backup policy using the Google Cloud console or Google Cloud CLI.

Create a new backup policy


  1. Go to NetApp Volumes page in the Google Cloud console.

    Go to NetApp Volumes

  2. Under Policies, click Backup policies.

  3. In the Backup policies page, click Create.

  4. In the Name field, enter a name for the backup policy. The name must be unique to the project.

  5. Optional: in the Description field, enter a description for the backup policy.

  6. Click the Region drop-down, select the region of the backup vault storing your backups. Your choice is permanent.

  7. Using the Daily, Weekly, and Monthly tabs, configure your backup schedule:

    For each interval (daily, weekly, and monthly), use the Backups to keep field to enter the amount of backups you want to keep.

  8. Optional: under the Labels section, click Add label to enter relevant labels for reporting and querying purposes.

  9. Click Create.


gcloud netapp backup-policies create BACKUP_POLICY \
  --location=LOCATION \
  --description=DESCRIPTION \
  --enabled=TRUE_OR_FALSE \
  --daily-backup-limit=DAILY_BACKUP_LIMIT \
  --weekly-backup-limit=WEEKLY_BACKUP_LIMIT \
  --monthly_backup_limit=MONTHLY_BACKUP_LIMIT \

Replace the following information:

  • BACKUP_POLICY: the name of the backup policy.

  • LOCATION: the location in which you want to create the backup policy.

  • DESCRIPTION: the description for the backup policy.

  • TRUE_OR_FALSE: mark as TRUE to enable backups or FALSE to disable backups.

  • DAILY_BACKUP_LIMIT: the number of daily backups in the backup policy.

  • WEEKLY_BACKUP_LIMIT: the number of weekly backups in the backup policy.

  • MONTHLY_BACKUP_LIMIT: the number of monthly backups in the backup policy.

For more options, run the following command:

gcloud netapp volumes describe -help

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