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Last reviewed 2022-08-01 UTC

NetApp Cloud Volumes Service is a billable component.

Usage fees are billed monthly.

For throughput information, see Service levels.

For information about costs associated with Google Cloud services, see Google Cloud pricing.

Pricing for storage

Service type Service level Price per month per GiB allocated
CVS Standard-SW $0.25
CVS Zone Redundant Standard-SW $0.40
CVS-Performance Standard $0.20
CVS-Performance Premium $0.30
CVS-Performance Extreme $0.40

Pricing for backups

Service type Price per month per GiB stored
CVS Backup $0.07

Pricing for volume replication

Service type Volume replication interval Price per GiB transferred
CVS-Performance Every 10 minutes $0.17
CVS-Performance Every 1 hour $0.15
CVS-Performance Every day $0.14

Billing calculation for service level changes

If you change the service level in the middle of a billing cycle, your costs are prorated based on the usage at each service level.

The following example assumes a 30-day billing cycle (730 hours) for a 50-TiB (51,200-GiB) volume that starts in Standard service level and transitions to Extreme service level:

Period Number of days Number of hours GiB-hours
(Capacity in GiB x hours)
(GiB-hours / hours in month)
Unit price Billing amount
1 15 365 18,688,000 25,600 $0.20 $5,120
2 15 365 18,688,000 25,600 $0.40 $10,240
1 month total 30 730 $15,360

Billing calculation for volume replication

With volume replication, you pay only for the amount of data that you replicate. The replication price is based on the scheduled replication frequency. For more information, see the pricing section on the NetApp Cloud Volumes Service page.

Replication pricing is based on the number of bytes transferred between primary and secondary volumes, including initial baseline transfer of all primary data, incremental transfer of data changed on or added to the primary volume, and any other transfer, such as a resync or reverse sync. Regular storage capacity charges apply to the replication destination volume.

The volume replication amount billed in a month is based on the amount of data replicated through the volume replication feature during that month. The amount of data replicated, measured in GiB, represents the sum of data replicated across two regions during all regular replications from the source volumes to the destination volumes and during all resync replications from the destination volumes to the source volumes.

The following example demonstrates the pricing for a volume replication scenario.


  • Primary volume is allocated 1 TiB at Premium service level.
  • Secondary volume is allocated 1 TiB at Standard service level.
  • Replication schedule is set to daily frequency.
  • Daily change rate is 1% (10.24 GiB of data changes on the primary volume every day and is replicated to the secondary volume).
  • Bytes transferred may vary somewhat due to storage efficiency savings and protocol overhead.

First month charges

  • Primary capacity allocated: 1024 GiB * $0.30/GiB = $307.20
  • Secondary capacity allocated: 1024 GiB * $0.20/GiB = $204.80
  • Replication charges
    • Initial baseline: 1024 GiB * $0.14/GiB = $143.36
    • Daily changes (30 days): 307.2 GiB * $0.14/GiB = $43.01
  • Total charges (capacity plus replication): $698.97

Subsequent month charges

  • Primary capacity allocated: 1024 GiB * $0.30/GiB = $307.20
  • Secondary capacity allocated: 1024 GiB * $0.20/GiB = $204.80
  • Replication charges
    • Daily changes (30 days): 307.2 GiB * $0.14/GiB = $43.01
  • Total charges (capacity plus replication): $555.01