Add-on Autoscaling

This page explains how Google Kubernetes Engine dynamically allocates resources for certain add-ons.

Add-on autoscaling

GKE uses add-on resizer to scale the metrics-server add-on and the heapster add-on. The add-on resizer scales the resource requests and resource limits of its managed containers in proportion to the number of nodes in the cluster. using the following formula:

$$ R=b+m \times \max(n,16) $$

Where the resource request or limit, \(R\), is equal to the base request/limit, \(b\), plus the marginal resource requirement, \(m\), times the node count of the cluster, \(n\).

If the cluster has 16 or fewer nodes, add-on resizer will assign resources as if the cluster has 16 nodes.

What's next

Fine tune the resources used by cluster add-ons

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