Identify configuration problems in Google Cloud

Google provides recommendations that identify common configuration issues or opportunities in Google Cloud. The Recommendation Hub is a place in the Google Cloud console where you can view, prioritize, and apply these recommendations. Recommendations are surfaced in many areas of the Google Cloud console, and the Recommendation Hub aggregates and prioritizes these in a central location.

Exploring recommendations

In the Google Cloud console, go to Recommendations.

Go to Recommendations

Recommendation hub dashboard

The Recommendation Hub shows you a summary of all recommendations for your project. These recommendations summarize the potential benefits Google Cloud detected, and the number of recommendations that are available, as shown in the following image.

See categories of recommendations.

To find out more about a recommendation, click the link at the bottom of the card to view a list of recommendations of that type.

Recommendation list

In the recommendation list, you can explore recommendations in detail, see what resources are affected, and what impact applying a recommendation might have, shown in the following image.

See list of recommendations.

Recommendation details

Selecting a recommendation in the Recommendations list will show a panel of recommendation details. This panel shows the observation that led to the recommendation, as well as relevant data that might help you make a decision. This view will also allow you to apply the recommendation, if it is supported, or view the underlying resource to make changes.

See the details of a VM recommendation.

Depending on the type of recommendation selected, this view may look different. The above example shows a VM rightsizing recommendation, while the screenshot below illustrates an IAM recommendation.

See the details of an IAM recommendation.

Recommendation history

To see the recommendation history, click History on the top right of the page:

Click the History link.

This section is a list of all recommendations that you have applied, claimed, or dismissed. The Applied tab shows a table of recommendations that are claimed or applied, and information about when the last action was taken:

See list of applied recommendations.

The Dismissed tab shows a table of recommendations that have been dismissed, along with information about when the recommendation was dismissed:

See list of dismissed recommendations.