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A recommender is a service on Google Cloud that provides usage recommendations for Google Cloud resources. Recommenders are specific to a single Google Cloud product and resource type. A single product can have multiple recommenders, where each provides a different type of recommendation for a different resource.

Recommender has the following recommenders:

Value Category Name Recommender ID Short Description
Cost BigQuery slot recommender google.bigquery.capacityCommitments.Recommender Optimize BigQuery spend with slot reservations
Cloud SQL idle instance recommender google.cloudsql.instance.IdleRecommender Remove unused SQL instances
Cloud SQL overprovisioned instance recommender google.cloudsql.instance.OverprovisionedRecommender Resize overprovisioned SQL instances
Committed use discount recommender google.compute.commitment.UsageCommitmentRecommender
Reduce costs thru commitments
Idle custom image recommender google.compute.image.IdleResourceRecommender Remove unused images
Idle IP address recommender google.compute.address.IdleResourceRecommender Remove unused IPs
Idle persistent disk recommender google.compute.disk.IdleResourceRecommender Backup and remove unused disks
Idle VM recommender google.compute.instance.IdleResourceRecommender Remove unused VMs
Security Account security recommender Protect your account
IAM recommender google.iam.policy.Recommender Remove excess permissions
Google Maps Platform project management recommender google.gmp.project.ManagementRecommender Restrict your API keys
Cloud Run Service Security recommenders
Increase Cloud Run Service security
Performance Cloud SQL out-of-disk recommender google.cloudsql.instance.OutOfDiskRecommender Prevent CloudSQL out-of-disk outage
Managed instance group machine type recommender google.compute.instanceGroupManager.MachineTypeRecommender Resize MIG machine types
VM machine type recommender google.compute.instance.MachineTypeRecommender Resize VM machine types
Cloud Functions minimum instances recommender google.cloudfunctions.PerformanceRecommender Prevent cold starts for deployed functions

Cloud SQL performance recommender

  • MySQL high number of open tables
  • MySQL high number of open tables
  • PostgreSQL high transanction id utilization
  • google.cloudsql.instance.PerformanceRecommender

    Improve Cloud SQL instance performance

  • MySQL: increase the table open cache size
  • MySQL: manage high number of tables
  • PostgreSQL: prevent transaction ID wraparound
  • Cloud SQL underprovisioned recommender google.cloudsql.instance.UnderprovisionedRecommender Optimize underprovisioned Cloud SQL instances
    Reliability GKE diagnosis recommender google.container.DiagnosisRecommender Mitigate exposure to upcoming Kubernetes deprecations
    Service limit (quota) recommender google.resourcemanager.serviceLimit.Recommender Manage service and quota usage to avoid hitting limits
    Manageability Error Reporting notification recommender google.clouderrorreporting.Recommender Receive notifications for errors in your project
    Product suggestion recommender google.logging.productSuggestion.ContainerRecommender Explore more helpful products
    Sustainability Unattended project recommender google.resourcemanager.projectUtilization.Recommender Reclaim or remove unused projects