Committed use discount recommender

The committed use discount (CUD) recommender helps you to optimize the resource costs of your Compute Engine virtual machine instances. Its recommendations are generated automatically based on the usage metrics gathered by Cloud Billing during the previous 30 days. You can use these recommendations to purchase additional commitments and further optimize your Google Cloud costs.

Refer to Understanding commitment recommendations for more information, or Applying committed use discount recommendations for details on how to apply them to your account.


Required permissions

To view CUD recommendations:

  • recommender.usageCommitmentRecommendations.get
  • recommender.commitmentUtilizationInsights.get
  • recommender.usageCommitmentRecommendations.list
  • recommender.commitmentUtilizationInsights.list

To modify the state of VM instance sizing recommendations:

  • recommender.usageCommitmentRecommendations.update
  • recommender.commitmentUtilizationInsights.update

Granting permissions

To grant the required permissions, assign one of the following roles:

  • To view recommendations only, assign the Viewer (roles/viewer) role.
  • To view and modify recommendations, assign the Owner (roles/owner) or Editor (roles/editor) role.

If you have opted in for CUD discount sharing, you will need to assign different IAM roles:

  • To view recommendations only, assign the Billing Account Viewer (roles/billing.viewer) role.
  • To view and modify recommendations, assign the Billing Account Administrator (roles/billing.admin) role.

Learn how to assign these roles


Viewing CUD recommendations

Recommendations are available through the Recommendation Hub. The following steps show how to list CUD recommendations:

  1. Sign in to Google Cloud Console.

    Sign in to Cloud Console

  2. From the Home screen, click the Recommendations tab.

  3. In the Recommended Compute Engine Commitments card, click View all to list the current CUD recommendations. If you can't find the card, then you either don't have permission to view the recommendations, or there aren't any recommendations for the current project.

  4. On the following screen, click the Estimated savings for each recommendation to view their details.