Keyboard shortcuts for Google Cloud

The following table contains the universal shortcuts available across the Google Cloud Console.

Action Keyboard shortcut
Open shortcut help ? or Control+Shift+/ (Command+Shift+/ on macOS)
See all notifications/activity g then n
Open help menu g then h
Open products and services .
Activate Cloud Shell g then s
Open project navigator Control+o (Command+o on macOS)
Find products and services /
Go up one page u
Send feedback @

Change or disable keyboard shortcuts

To change or disable keyboard shortcuts in the Cloud Console:

  1. Open the Cloud Console .
  2. Open the keyboard shortcuts dialog by pressing ? or Control+Shift+/ (Command+Shift+/ on macOS). Alternatively, click Help, then click Keyboard shortcuts.
  3. To disable a shortcut, clear its checkbox. To change it, click Edit shortcut, then enter a new shortcut.
  4. When done, click Save.

When changing keyboard shortcuts, keep the following things in mind:

  • Your replacement shortcut must be a combination of Control or Shift with a printable key.
  • You can't have the same shortcut assigned to multiple actions.