Dammam region access

This page provides information about region-specific access controls and purchasing Google Cloud resources in the Dammam, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) region for the following customers:

  • KSA-based customers
  • non-KSA-based customers

KSA-based customers

Google Cloud is partnering with CNTXT, our exclusive reseller in the region, to bring Google Cloud to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. If you have a KSA billing address, you are required to purchase Google Cloud services for the Dammam me-central2 region or any other Google Cloud region through CNTXT. For now, be aware of the sales and regional access paths outlined below.

  • Access to Google Cloud services from the (me-central2) Dammam region is available only to KSA-based customers that have signed up to purchase cloud services through CNTXT.
  • If you are an individual based in KSA, join the waitlist to be notified when online sales are available for account sign-up with CNTXT.
  • If you are representing a public or private sector organization based in the KSA, you can contact CNTXT to discuss account sign up and access to the Dammam region and all Google Cloud regions.
  • KSA-based customers can continue to sign up through Google for access to Google Cloud services from all data center regions outside of KSA.

If you are an existing Google Cloud customer with a KSA billing address, when CNTXT online sales begin you must migrate your purchase relationship to CNTXT to continue using Google Cloud, regardless of whether or not you want to use cloud resources in the Dammam region. You will receive a notification when it's time to migrate your relationship to CNTXT.

Non-KSA-based customers

If your billing address is outside of the KSA, you can continue to purchase Google Cloud services directly from Google or any authorized Google Cloud partner. Access to the Dammam region is limited to customers that are set up for Invoiced Billing. If you pay for Google Cloud services with a credit card you must sign up for Invoiced Billing in order to access the Dammam region.

KSA regulations

  • The Communications, Space, and Technology (CST) agency has varying regulatory compliance requirements that might apply to you if you are using cloud services, and are based in the KSA, or are hosting customer data for KSA-based entities. Requirements include regulations from other agencies like the National Cybersecurity Authority and the National Data Management Office.

  • Google has a qualifying license from CST and is working to deploy additional Google Cloud service functionality that enables compliance with CST’s higher A, B, and C class regulations. You must deploy Google Cloud services that are compliant with CST requirements to ensure that your workloads are also compliant. Additional details on Google Cloud services and compliance with Class A, B, and C regulations will be made available as those offerings go live.