Understand Your Savings with Cost Breakdown Reports


The Cost Breakdown report gives you an at-a-glance waterfall view of how much you would have spent at the on-demand price for your Google Cloud Platform usage, and how usage-based credits saved you money on your invoice.

Required permissions to access the cost breakdown report

To view the cost breakdown report for your billing account, you need to be a Billing Account Administrator or Billing Account Viewer on your billing account. Specifically, you need the billing.accounts.getSpendingInformation permission on your billing account.

For more information about billing permissions, see:

Getting started

To view the Cloud Billing Cost Breakdown report for your billing account:

  1. Go to the Google Cloud Platform Console.
  2. Open the console navigation menu (menu) and click Billing.
  3. If you have more than one billing account, select Go to linked billing account to view the current project's billing account. To locate a different billing account, select Manage billing accounts and choose the account for which you'd like to see reports.
  4. From the Billing navigation menu, select Cost breakdown.

How to read the cost breakdown chart

From left to right, the chart displays bars for charges, then credits, then subtotal, then any invoice-level charges, and then total.

The chart starts by showing you the amount you would have paid for a given invoice month if you were charged only at the on-demand rate for your GCP usage. Next, if you purchase committed use discounts (CUDs), the cost that you paid for your CUDs is listed. Then, the report shows you how much you saved from each usage-based credit type (for example, committed use discounts and sustained use discounts). Finally, it shows your invoice-level charges such as tax and adjustments (if any) applied for that invoice month.

Example of a cost breakdown report.

  • Choose the invoice month: Use the dropdown above the chart to select the Invoice month.
  • Select chart unit: You can toggle the chart units between currency ($) and percent (%) by selecting the preferred option in the top-left, above the chart.

  • View report summary: Below the chart is a summary table of the information in the chart. The cost breakdown chart total should match what appears on your invoice. You can click the View report links to take you to the corresponding Reports page where you can drill down into the details behind particular cost bars.

The cost breakdown chart currently shows the following. Note that you may not see all these items on your report if you do not incur these types of charges or credits.


  • Usage cost: The monthly cost of your cloud usage before any credits are applied. This excludes the cost of committed use discounts (CUDs) purchases.

  • Commitment cost: The monthly cost of all your committed use contracts associated with this billing account.


  • Committed use discounts (Compute Engine): The gross savings you realized from your commitments (Net savings = CUDs cost - Committed use discount credits). Learn more about committed use discounts.

    To better understand the effectiveness of the committed use discounts you purchased, view the CUD analysis report.

  • Sustained use discounts (Compute Engine): The total savings from your Compute Engine instance usage that wasn't covered by a committed use discount, but was eligible for sustained use discounts. Learn more about sustained use discounts.

  • Spending-based discounts: The total savings you earned after a contractual spending threshold is reached.

  • Free tiers: Some products offer free resource usage up to specified limits. This is the total savings you received from free tier usage. Learn more about free tiers.

  • Promotional credits: The total savings you received from promotional credits (such as free trial credits or one-time marketing or other credits).

See Billing Reports to learn more about credits.

Invoice-level charges

  • Tax: The total taxes that applied to your usage for the invoice month.
  • Adjustments: The total of any adjustments that were applied to your invoice (these are rare).

Learn more about invoice-level charges:

  • See the Cost Table report for a detailed, tabular view of your monthly costs for a given invoice or statement (by invoice month).
  • See Billing Reports for an at-a-glance report view of charges by invoice, including invoice-level charges.

Not on the chart

The following is not shown on the cost breakdown chart:

  • BigQuery flat rate savings: The cost of BigQuery flat rate is included in the Usage cost bar; we don't currently break out the savings you achieved from purchasing BigQuery flat rate.
  • Cloud Storage Growth plan: The cost of Cloud Storage is included in the Usage cost bar; we don't currently break out the savings you achieved from purchasing the Cloud Storage Growth plan.
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