Understand Your Monthly Invoice

When you request invoiced billing, Google extends a line of credit to you for your computing costs, and you receive an invoice each month. Typically, this invoiced billing is used by large businesses.

If your account is configured for monthly invoicing, you can download your invoice in the following two formats:

  • PDF: The PDF format is intended for your Accounts Payable department to review your computing costs and learn how to pay Google. If your computing usage volume is very high, your PDF invoice may be summarized. Instead of providing details for every resource cost, a summarized invoice displays the cost per account or just the total cost.
  • CSV: The CSV format is intended for you to analyze using a spreadsheet application, load into a database, or process using a program that you have written. The CSV invoice is never summarized, so it always contains the full details for every account. The first few lines of the CSV file identify the Cloud account number, invoice date, and total amount. The subsequent lines consist of a header and the usage details.

The following columns appear in the invoice usage details:

Field Description
Account Name The name of the billing account that the usage is associated with.
Account ID The billing account ID that the usage is associated with.
Source The name of the project that generated the billing data.
Product The Google Cloud Platform service that reported the billing data.
Resource Type A description of the resource used by the service. For example, a resource type for Cloud Storage is Standard Storage US.
SKU ID The ID of the resource used by the service. For the full list of SKUs, see GCP SKUs.
Description A description of the type of cost for the line item.
Start Date The date when the service usage began.
End Date The date when the service usage ended.
Quantity The quantity of the usage.
Unit The billing unit of the usage.
Amount The calculated cost of the usage.

If you want more granular data on how you are billed, we recommend enabling Billing Export to BigQuery. Review Key Concepts for Billing Export, Billing Reports, and Invoices in our Billing Onboarding Checklist for more information.

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