Recommendation Hub dashboard overview

The dashboard provides an overview of active recommendations and quick links to view recommendations by Value Pillar, such as Cost, Security, Performance, Reliability, Manageability, and Sustainability. This page explains the different areas of the Recommendation Hub dashboard.

Before you begin

Ensure that you have the necessary roles and permissions to view recommendations.


The Purview picker (or project selector) on the top navigation bar lets you know what organization, folder, or project you are working in. You can change the scope of the Recommendation Hub by using the Purview picker. For more information, see Adjust the scope of your recommendations.

All recommendations

This table shows you the number of active recommendations in each category and a total of all the active recommendations in your selected scope. The number of recommendations depends on which permissions you have in your role and may differ from other people in your team. You can click any category name to go to its recommendation page.

Recommendation Hub dashboard

Top ways to save money

This table shows you the top five recommendations by savings. The savings shown in this table represent the total savings of that recommendation type that is available to you in your selected scope. You can click the recommendation name to go to a table filtered for the recommendation type to see all the similar recommendations.

Tops ways to save money

Intelligence Centers

In addition to the Recommendation Hub, Google Cloud provides other useful intelligence centers to help manage your cloud. You can find these in the Intelligence Centers card.

Intelligence centers


The Learn card provides helpful resources for working with recommendations. The product tour is a tutorial that shows you some helpful features in the Recommendation Hub while the documentation provides deep dives into common topics to help you better understand your recommendations.