Translate text

This quickstart shows you how to create a program that translates text from English to German by using the Cloud Translation API v2.

Before you begin

Before you run this quickstart, make sure that you or your administrators have completed the following prerequisites:

  • Make sure the Cloud Translation API is enabled in your Google Cloud project.

    Go to API library

Create a program to translate text

  1. In the SAP system, create an executable program in your custom namespace (for example, Z or Y) by using transaction SE38.

    1. In the SAP GUI, enter transaction code SE38.

    2. In the Program field, enter a name of your program, for example, ZDEMO_TRANSLATE.

    3. Click Create.

    4. Specify the program attributes:

      1. In the Title field, enter a title of your program, for example, Translate from English to German.

      2. In the Type field, choose Executable Program.

      3. Click Save.

    5. Save the program as a Local Object.

    6. In the ABAP Editor, add the following code:

      *  Copyright 2023 Google LLC                                         *
      *                                                                    *
      *  Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");   *
      *  you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.  *
      *  You may obtain a copy of the License at                           *
      *                   *
      *  Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing,        *
      *  software distributed under the License is distributed on an       *
      *  either express or implied.                                        *
      *  See the License for the specific language governing permissions   *
      *  and limitations under the License.                                *
      REPORT zr_qs_translate_texts.
      * data declarations
            data: lv_text         type string,
                  lv_msg          type string,
                  lv_ret_code     type i,
                  lv_err_text     type string,
                  ls_err_resp     type /goog/err_resp,
                  ls_input        type /goog/cl_translation_v2=>ty_006,
                  ls_output       type /goog/cl_translation_v2=>ty_007,
                  lt_translations type /goog/cl_translation_v2=>ty_translations,
                  ls_texts        type /goog/cl_translation_v2=>ty_008,
                  lo_translate    type ref to /goog/cl_translation_v2,
                  lo_exception    type ref to /goog/cx_sdk.
      * instantiate api client stub
                create object lo_translate
                    iv_key_name = 'DEMO_TRANSLATE'.
      * pass the text to be translated to the required parameter
                lv_text = 'The Earth is the third planet from the Sun'.
          APPEND lv_text TO ls_input-q.
          ls_input-format = 'text'.
          ls_input-source = 'en'.
          ls_input-target = 'de'.
      * call the api method to translate text
                call method lo_translate->translate_translations
                    is_input    = ls_input
                    es_output   = ls_output
                    ev_ret_code = lv_ret_code
                    ev_err_text = lv_err_text
                    es_err_resp = ls_err_resp.
          IF lo_translate->is_success( lv_ret_code ) = abap_true.
            lt_translations = ls_output-data.
            READ TABLE lt_translations-translations INTO ls_texts INDEX 1.
            WRITE: / 'Translation Successful'.
            WRITE: / 'Translated Text is: ', ls_texts-translated_text.
      * close the http connection
                lo_translate->close( ).
        CATCH /goog/cx_sdk INTO lo_exception.
      * write code here to handle exceptions

      Replace DEMO_TRANSLATE with the client key name.

  2. Run your application in SE38. If successful, the following output displays:

    'Translation Successful'
    'Translated Text is: Die Erde ist der dritte Planet von der Sonne'

What's next