Overview of the SAP on Google Cloud checklists

When implementing SAP on Google Cloud, we know that your goal is to bring up your landscape easily and with as few issues as possible. To help you succeed in this goal, we've gathered feedback from customers, our Professional Services team, and support staff who have implemented instances of SAP on Google Cloud. The following checklists provide you with recommendations learned from these experts to help you be as successful as possible when bringing up your own SAP on Google Cloud landscape.

The checklists offer helpful guidelines to follow when migrating your SAP workloads to Google Cloud. They outline many aspects that you should define in your architecture so that you're ready for the migration.

We know that your business requirements and processes are unique. You know what works for you, but consider the common themes and guidelines included in this set of checklists to ensure the success of your journey to Google Cloud. The following checklists are available: