Overview of Windows deployment for SAP NetWeaver

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This guide shows you how to deploy and configure the Google Cloud resources that SAP NetWeaver needs in order to run on Google Cloud, including the Compute Engine virtual machine (VM), the operating system, persistent storage, and more.

Use this guide if you are running SAP NetWeaver on the Windows Server operating system. If you need to run SAP NetWeaver on Linux, see the SAP NetWeaver on Linux Deployment Guide.

After the Google Cloud resources are deployed and configured, you install SAP NetWeaver on Google Cloud by following the SAP documentation that is applicable to your version of SAP NetWeaver and your database server. For more information, see SAP NetWeaver in the SAP Help Portal.

Deployment methods

You can use one of two methods for deploying Google Cloud resources for SAP NetWeaver:

  • The Cloud Deployment Manager method, which automates the deployment process.
  • The manual method in which you define each resource manually by using the Google Cloud console or the gcloud command line tool.

Using Deployment Manager is recommended, because you can deploy your systems faster and with fewer errors. You define and save your resource options in a configuration file template, which you can reuse to deploy the same or similar configurations consistently without having to redefine your resources for each deployment.

If you need more control over your deployment than the Deployment Manager template allows, define your Google Cloud resources manually.

To use these deployment methods, you must have:

  • A Google account with the necessary administrative permissions to create, modify, and delete Compute Engine resources in a GCP project. For information about roles and permissions, see Compute Engine roles
  • A GCP project
  • A network and subnetwork defined in GCP