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  • Reduce MySQL, PostgreSQL, and SQL Server costs with Cloud SQL, a fully-managed database service

  • Scale your enterprise workloads and build generative AI apps with AlloyDB for PostgreSQL

  • Get high performance, a 99.999% availability SLA, and virtually unlimited scale with Spanner

  • Run analytics at scale with 26%–34% lower three-year TCO on BigQuery compared to cloud data warehouse alternatives

  • Ingest, process, and analyze event streams in real time to make data more useful

  • Reveal the true power of your data and bring clarity to every situation with Looker and Google Cloud

Build and scale generative AI apps with Vertex AI and Duet AI

Deploy and manage AI applications with Vertex AI platform. Plus, get task and code assistance with Duet AI.

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Build, tune, and deploy foundation models with Vertex AI

Build, tune, and deploy foundation models with Vertex AI

Build, tune, and deploy foundation models with Vertex AI
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GitLab ships software faster and accelerates dev productivity with generative AI

McCormick uses Google Cloud data and AI to meet the increasing global demand for flavor 

Grupo Boticário accelerates data decision making from days to hours with Google Cloud AI

Continental enhances smart car voice assistants with Google Cloud Conversational AI

Frontier Development Lab, in partnership with NASA, analyzed a 20-year data bottleneck in 20 mins with Google Cloud AI

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