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Conversational AI

Google Cloud approaches Conversational AI in four ways: customer care, IoT, search engines, and voice assistance.

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    Improve customer acquisition

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    Reduce cost to serve

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    Enhance customer experience

Conversation AI p

Key features

Conversational AI categories

Customer care

Resolve your customers' needs quicker with chatbots, voice bots, and telephony helpdesks, all of which are built into Contact Center AI offerings like Dialogflow, Agent Assist, and CCAI Insights.

IoT and custom hardware

Give voice components to your car navigation systems, kiosk environments, smart watches, and more with our APIs, including Speech-To-Text, Text-To-Speech, NLP, and Dialogflow SDK to simplify integration.

Search engines

Expand the possibilities of search channels with Conversational AI, unlocking opportunities like Conversational Ads on Google Search, Google Maps, and Business Messages.

Voice assistance

Give your customers the power to do everything from adding tasks to their to-do list to turning on their dishwasher by integrating your brand on Google Assistant.

“The automated virtual agents have acted like a force multiplier for IDES’s support agents, in terms of processing and responding to unemployment benefits requests.”

Jennifer Ricker, Acting Assistant Secretary, Illinois Department of Innovation & Technology
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Depending on your needs, Conversational AI is available in several Google Cloud products. To find the pricing for the products you need, check out the product pages for Contact CenterDialogflow, Agent Assist, CCAI Insights, Speech-To-TextText-To-Speech, and NLP.