Highly Available Cold Storage

A low-cost, highly-durable and highly available storage service for infrequently accessed data, data archiving, online backup and disaster recovery. Data is available instantly, not within hours or days. With sub-second average response times and 1 cent per GB/month pricing, Cloud Storage Nearline gives you terrific performance at a low cost.

Fast, Anytime Access

With Cloud Storage Nearline, you get all the benefits of cold storage while your data is immediately available. Store limitless data and get access rapidly through Google Cloud Platform Storage APIs with sub-second response times for data retrieval and 99% availability SLA.

Affordable pricing

Cloud Storage Nearline provides the TCO benefits usually associated with offline storage, so you can easily backup and store a virtually limitless amount of data. Capacity pricing is just 1 cent per GB/month for data at rest and 1 cent per GB for data retrieval.

Switch & Save

Get a headstart and reduce the costs of your migration to Google Cloud Storage Nearline by receiving 100PB of free storage1 in Cloud Storage Nearline for up to 6 months.

Partnerships & Integrations

Leading disaster recovery, backup and hybrid cloud storage providers such as Unitrends, Actifio, Pixit Media, EMC, Commvault and Egnyte have integrated with Cloud Storage Nearline to make adopting Cloud Storage Nearline a seamless experience. Numerous other companies are also available to help you take a new approach to data storage in your own environment.






Iron Mountain


CloudBerry Lab






Nearline Features & Benefits

The affordable solution for backup, archiving and disaster recovery

Transfer Service
Schedule data import from Amazon S3, HTTP/HTTPS and on premises locations. Simplify lifecycle management through automated archival and deletion.
Fast Performance
Sub-second latency for complex queries and data retrieval. Commitment to a 99% availability SLA.
Cloud Storage Nearline is designed to provide 99.999999999% durability of objects over a given year.
Free On-Demand I/O
Nearline buckets automatically provide increased read throughput and QPS to meet the demands of your application.
Data is protected through redundant storage at multiple locations.
Familiar APIs
Use the same APIs across Google Cloud Platform Storage services, including versioning, range scans, and offset reads.
High read throughput and predictable performance enables IT to set recovery point and time objectives.
Low cost
Capacity pricing is at 1 cent per GB / month for data at rest. Calculate your savings with Cloud Storage Nearline.
Partner Integrations
Integrations with leading backup and storage providers: Actifio, PixitMedia, Unitrends, Veritas/Symantec, NetApp, Iron Mountain, Geminare and others.

“That's a pretty staggering point of differentiation
Google is offering essentially real-time access to archived files compared to Glacier that strings it out for hours.”

- Forbes

Nearline Pricing

Cloud Storage Nearline provides the low costs usually associated with offline storage

Cloud Storage Nearline
Storage ($/GB/Month) $0.01
Data retrieval ($/GB) $0.01

* View Cloud Storage Nearline pricing information for more details.

Additional Resources

1 Conditions Apply: Only for new Google Cloud Platform customers who migrate 1PB within the first 3 months and applies only to at-rest storage charges for 100PB in Google Cloud Storage Nearline for the first 1 month, and potentially additional months if customers commit to migrate more than 1PB. Customers must also maintain at least 1PB per month in Cloud Storage Nearline for 12 months after the initial 3-month period.