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Reduce complexity, increase speed, and unleash creativity with Google Cloud

Whether you’re a cloud-optimized startup or a local brick-and-mortar, when you partner with Google Cloud, you’re getting a technology base for your business designed to be open, reliable, and innovative. All of this is wrapped in Google Cloud’s world-class security.

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  • Reclaimed 70% of team’s time for scientific discovery

  • Sped up development of machine learning algorithms 5x to 10x

  • Analyzed 100x larger datasets, increasing algorithm accuracy

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Key benefits

Build with open, flexible technology

Our approach to open source is centered around flexibility—so you can build on your existing technology investments in a way that’s best for your business.

Scale with reliability and confidence

Google Cloud sets a standard for reliability with 99.95% availability and no scheduled downtime.

Accelerate innovation

Our easy-to-use platform has smart analytics and artificial intelligence built in, making these technologies more accessible and easier to deploy across your organization.

Reduce risk with world-class security

Google Cloud is secure by design with a completely private physical network—ensuring your data spends the least time on the public internet where cyberattackers lurk.

Industry solutions

We’re committed to empowering organizations of all sizes to solve their industry’s toughest problems with open, reliable, and innovative technology.


Spikes in web traffic are great for business—if your infrastructure and operations can keep up. When every millisecond of uptime counts, retailers of all sizes are turning to Google Cloud for our flexible storage, reliable network, and powerful computing.

Media and entertainment

Getting your content to every corner of the globe—and available to all users on demand—requires massive infrastructure and a global network. With Google Cloud, you can render huge workloads at peak times, launch new applications, and livestream video to mass audiences without worrying about the underlying infrastructure.

Financial services

In order to stay competitive and compliant, financial services organizations must improve processing times, detect fraud early, and create rich, interactive customer experiences. Google helps fintech and traditional financial institutions proactively identify issues, reduce false positives, and lower administrative costs to increase growth and profitability.

Healthcare and life sciences

Patients are actively seeking health and wellness, not just healthcare, and are looking to digital companies to provide personalized tools to help them flexibly pursue their goals. Google Cloud helps healthcare providers securely and compliantly unify, store, analyze, and understand vast volumes of digital health data—so they can deliver tailored customer experiences.

Whether your business is early in its journey or well on its way to digital transformation, our robust set of products and services can help you chart a path to success. In addition, you can easily deploy ready-to-go solutions on our Marketplace to help accelerate development.

Visit our small and medium business partner directory to choose a trusted partner that can help you build and grow your business in the cloud.

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