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Regulatory Reporting Platform

Leverage cloud-native technology to streamline and automate regulatory, finance, and risk reporting.

Our Regulatory Reporting Platform provides financial institutions with efficiency, reliability, and speed.


Make your regulatory reporting more scalable, repeatable, and secure

Fast and cost-effective

Gain data insights with streamlined reporting process automation while reducing cost and risk.

Granular insights at scale

Leverage the power of a code-driven reporting process with data lineage and documentation connected directly to granular data on a unified data platform at a massive scale.

Reusable and secure

Source data and repurpose calculations from shared libraries to support additional use cases across finance, risk, and regulatory reporting.

Key features

Scale your regulatory reporting for the future

On-demand infrastructure

Adapt and respond to multiple regulations in various jurisdictions in which one operates.

Code-driven model

Decrease manual effort and accelerate compute time by transforming, adjusting, and configuring data “on platform” to set a granular, common data foundation for risk, finance, and regulatory reporting.

Flexible scalability

Apply specialized computing and storage to flexibly configure and power reporting processes and calculations at a massive scale.

Built-in data tooling

Execute built-in data management tooling that orchestrates data transformations, quality rules, logging, controls, and code-driven documentation.

Data analytics

Analyze, transform, and visualize data with automated capture and storage of logic for reuse.

Regulatory reporting reference architecture - data analytics

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