Diagnostic information for SAP on Google Cloud

When you open a case with Cloud Customer Care to resolve a problem, you need to gather diagnostic information that is related to your issue and provide it to the Customer Care team.

The sections below list the diagnostic information that you need to provide for SAP products that are commonly used on Google Cloud.

The sooner that you can provide the diagnostic information, the sooner the Customer Care team can start resolving your problem.

Submitting the information

When you open a support case, you can submit information to the Customer Care team in the following ways:

  • Text: Type or paste text directly into the case entry form.
  • Files under 32 MB: Attach the files to the case entry form.
  • Files larger than 32 MB: Submit large files by uploading them to a Cloud Storage bucket. Customer Care provides instructions when you open a support case.

The following sections list the diagnostic information that you need to provide based on the products and services that you are using.

  1. High-availability clusters on SLES diagnostic information
  2. High-availability clusters on RHEL diagnostic information
  3. Backint agent for SAP HANA diagnostic information
  4. Monitoring agent for SAP HANA V2.0 diagnostic information
  5. Monitoring agent for SAP HANA V1.0 diagnostic information
  6. Monitoring agent for SAP NetWeaver diagnostic information
  7. Deployment Manager templates for SAP diagnostic information
  8. SAP on Bare Metal Solution diagnostic information