Terraform configurations for SAP diagnostic information

For problems that are related to the Terraform configurations that Google Cloud provides for deploying SAP systems, gather the following information before you contact Cloud Customer Care for support:

  • A complete and detailed description of the problem or error, including:

    • The current application or system state.
  • The URL of the Google Cloud deployment guide that corresponds to the Terraform configuration that you are using. You can find all of the guides at Supported SAP solutions.

  • After removing any plain text passwords, the Terraform configuration that you used for your deployment.

  • If you experienced errors running terraform apply, then share the complete output.

    Alternatively, you can enable the Terraform debug mode as follows, retry the deployment and then share the output log file with Customer Care. To do this, follow these steps:

    1. In your terminal, go to the working directory of your Terraform configuration.

    2. Destroy your Terraform configuration:

      terraform destroy
    3. Set the following environment variables:

      export TF_LOG=INFO
      export TF_LOG_PATH=tf_debug.log
    4. Run terraform apply to reproduce the issue.

    5. Share the tf_debug.log from the working directory.

  • If the deployed VM is available, then provide the /var/log/messages file.