ABAP SDK for Google Cloud diagnostic information

For problems that are related to ABAP SDK for Google Cloud, provide the following diagnostic information to Cloud Customer Care when you open a case:

You can also discuss ABAP SDK for Google Cloud with the community on Cloud Forums.

Detailed description of the problem

Provide a complete and detailed description of the problem, including the version of the ABAP SDK for Google Cloud, and the date and time when the problem occurred.

To see the version of your SDK, follow these steps:

  1. In the SAP GUI, enter transaction code SPRO.
  2. Click SAP Reference IMG.
  3. Click ABAP SDK for Google Cloud > Utilities > Get Product Version.

Error message encountered

Provide the error messages that you have encountered in the ABAP SDK for Google Cloud.

API class and method name

Provide the API class name and API method name. For example:

  • Client API class name/API name: /GOOG/CL_PUBSUB_V1
  • Client API method name/API method name: PUBLISH_TOPICS

Configuration details

Provide the following configuration details:

SAP system environment details

Provide the following environment details of your SAP system:

  • Specify if your SAP system is hosted on Google Cloud or outside of Google Cloud.
  • Your SAP system version:
    • SAP_BASIS component version.
    • Installed product version.
  • Environment language:
    • SAP logon language.
    • Language of background mode.


Provide the following logs:

  • ABAP SDK for Google Cloud logs. For information about how to find the SDK logs, see Logging.
  • ST22 dumps, and SLG1 logs, if available.