Quotas and Limits

Cloud IoT Core limits resource allocation and use and enforces appropriate quotas on a per-project basis. Specific policies vary depending on resource availability, user profile, service usage history, and other factors, and are subject to change without notice.


This section lists the quotas for Cloud IoT Core in three categories: project/device/telemetry, rate, and time.

Project, device, and telemetry limits

Quota Limit Can be increased
Devices per project, per region Unlimited, but the default is 100,000 Yes
Device registries per project, per region 100 Yes
Device ID length 256 bytes No
Device registry ID length 256 bytes No
Device metadata 500 key-value pairs No
Device metadata key 128 characters No
Device metadata value 32 KB No
Combined size of metadata key-value pairs 256 KB No
Credentials per device 3 No
Configuration versions per device 10 No
Device configuration data 64 KB No
Devices per list request 10,000 (use pagination for more) No
Device state payload 64 KB No
Telemetry event notification configurations 10 No
Telemetry event payload 256 KB No
MQTT connections per device 1 No

Rate limits

Quota Limit Can be increased
Device telemetry publishes per project Unlimited, but the default is 60,000 per min Yes
Device-to-cloud throughput, per device 512 KB/s No
Cloud-to-device throughput, per device 512 KB/s No
Configuration updates per device 1 per sec* No
Device manager API read calls per project 30,000 per min Yes
Device manager API write calls per project
(see the exception in the next row)
3,000 per min No
Device manager API modifyCloudToDeviceConfig calls per project 6,000 per min Yes
MQTT incoming messages per sec, per connection 100 per sec No
Device MQTT connections per device 1 per sec No
Device MQTT connections and HTTP requests per project 60,000 per min No
State updates per device 1 per sec* No
State updates per project 6,000 per minute* No
(Beta) Number of logged events per project 1,000 per sec Yes
(Beta) Size of logged events per project 1 MB per sec (each log entry is roughly 1 KB) Yes
(Beta) Commands per registry 2,500 per sec No
(Beta) Commands per project 1,000 per sec Yes

*For details, see Configuring Devices and Getting Device State.

Time limits

Quota Limit Can be increased
JWT authorization clock skew 10 min No
JWT lifetime (exp minus iat cannot exceed) 24 hr No
MQTT idle time (without heartbeat or message) 20 min No
MQTT connection time 24 hr** No
(Beta) Command timeout 60 sec No
(Beta) Command retries 60 sec No

**Connections may be reset occasionally (for example, for a server restart).

Quota enforcement

The consequences of exceeding quota are different for projects and resources, such as a registries and devices:

  • Project exceeds quota: Project is blocked until usage is back under the limit. In rare cases, a quota enforcement period can continue even when your usage is no longer over the limit. If your project is still being blocked even though you're no longer exceeding any quotas, wait a while and try again.
  • Device using the MQTT bridge exceeds quota: Device is disconnected.
  • Device using the HTTP bridge exceeds quota: Device receives a RESOURCE_EXHAUSTED response.

For example, if you attempt to update a device's configuration more than once per second over the MQTT bridge, Cloud IoT Core disconnects the device. To fix the problem, ensure you publish device configurations no more than once per second, ideally once per 10 seconds, then reconnect the device. See Configuring Devices for more information.

Quota increases

Limits are set at their maximum values by default. To request an increase above the maximum:

  1. In the APIs & Services in Google Cloud Platform Console, select the quota to edit.

  2. Click Edit quotas.

  3. Fill out the Edit quotas pane and click Next.

  4. Click apply for higher quota, then fill out and submit the Quota Request form.

If you want to increase a quota, but it doesn't appear in GCP Console, complete the Quota Request form.

Compressed HTTP requests

As noted in Using the HTTP Bridge, a device can send gzip-compressed data to Cloud IoT Core over the HTTP bridge.

Limits for telemetry event payloads and device state payloads are calculated using the uncompressed size of each request.

For example, if a device sends a compressed telemetry event payload that is 10 KB, but the original payload before compression was 257 KB, the request fails because 257 KB exceeds the telemetry event payload limit of 256 KB.

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