Quotas and Limits

Cloud IoT Core limits resource allocation and use and enforces appropriate quotas on a per-project basis. Specific policies vary depending on resource availability, user profile, service usage history, and other factors, and are subject to change without notice.

The following table summarizes the current limits.

Item Quota or maximum
Devices per project, per region Unlimited, but the default is 100,000
Device registries per project, per region 100
Device manager API read calls per project 30,000 per min
Device manager API write calls per project
(see the exception in the next row)
3,000 per min
Device manager API modifyCloudToDeviceConfig calls per project 6,000 per min
Devices per list request 10,000 (use pagination for more)
Telemetry event notification configurations 10
Telemetry event payload 256 KB
Device state payload 64 KB
MQTT incoming messages per sec, per connection 100 messages per sec
Device MQTT connections and HTTP requests per project 60,000 per min
Device telemetry publishes per project 60,000 per min
Device to cloud throughput, per device 512 KB/s
Cloud to device throughput, per device 512 KB/s
Credentials per device 3
MQTT connections per device 1
MQTT connection time 24 hr*
MQTT idle time (without heartbeat or message) 20 min
Configuration versions per device 10
Configuration updates per device 1 per sec**
State updates per device 1 per sec**
Device configuration data 64 KB
Device name length 256 bytes
Device registry name length 256 bytes
Device metadata 500 key-value pairs
Device metadata key 128 characters
Device metadata value 32 KB
Combined size of metadata key-value pairs 256 KB
JWT authorization clock skew 10 min
JWT lifetime (exp minus iat cannot exceed) 24 hr

*Connections may be reset occasionally (for example, for a server restart).

**For details, see Configuring Devices and Getting Device State.

To increase quotas, use APIs & Services in the Google Cloud Platform Console or complete the Quota Request form.

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