GPCE error reference

General GDCH error messages consist of an error ID in the format GPCE1234 where 1234 is a unique number, followed by a description of the problem and a suggestion for how to fix it. This topic documents each of those error messages.

GPCE5710: RequiredExecutableMissing

The command-line you are trying to run requires certain executables to be available on your $PATH environmental variable. The error message includes the specific executable that couldn't be found. If the executable isn't available on your system, download and install it. If the executable is on your system, update the $PATH environmental variable to include the directory path where the executable resides. For example, if the executable was in the /opt/package/bin directory, you can update your $PATH environment variable with the following command:

export PATH=$PATH:/opt/package/bin

GPCE5800: GDCHRestrictedService

The GDCH resources being accessed are restricted by the Org Policy. Contact your Platform Admin for further assistance.

GPCE5801: InvalidGDCHRestrictedService

The GDCHRestrictedService constraint contains invalid inputs. Please see the error message and update the required fields.