Delete storage buckets for projects

This page shows you how to delete Google Distributed Cloud Hosted (GDCH) storage buckets.

Before you begin

A project namespace manages bucket resources in the org admin cluster. You must have a project to work with buckets and objects.

You must also have the appropriate bucket permissions to perform the following operation. See Grant bucket access.

Delete storage buckets


  1. In the navigation menu, click Object Storage.
  2. Click delete Delete at the end of the row of the bucket to be deleted.
  3. Wait a few minutes and refresh the page to check that the bucket is deleted.


You can delete storage buckets by using the CLI. Buckets must be empty before you can delete them.

  1. Use the GET or DESCRIBE command from the View bucket configuration section to get the fully qualified bucket name.

  2. If the bucket is not empty, delete files within the bucket:

    gdcloud storage rm --recursive -a s3://BUCKET/**
  3. Delete the empty bucket:

    kubectl delete buckets/BUCKET_NAME --namespace NAMESPACE_NAME