PA system monitoring overview

This section describes the system monitoring and visualizing processes for the Platform Administrator (PA) as part of the Observability solutions of Google Distributed Cloud Hosted (GDCH).

Metrics are quantitative measurements from workloads deployed in your GDCH projects that help you observe resources. With metrics, you can perform operations in the Observability platform of GDCH such as network monitoring and server monitoring. Access dashboards in the system monitoring platform to visualize those metrics and get insights about service performance from observability data.

When your environment is up and running, metric dashboards of standard components are automatically available on your project's system monitoring instance. In addition to those predefined metric dashboards, you can configure custom resources to collect data from your project workloads and build customized dashboards to monitor and view specific metrics for data observability of your use case needs.

So, for other workload-specific metrics in GDCH, this section describes how to deploy custom resources in your project to configure system monitoring processes such as scraping targets and creating monitoring dashboards.

For a complete list with descriptions and details of the collected metrics from all components in GDCH, see the metrics Overview.