View invoices

The Invoice Reports dashboard is a cost management tool to help you understand the costs that reconcile to your invoice. The dashboard displays a detailed view of your costs for an invoice in a date range that includes the task order (TO), contract line item number (CLIN), and SKU description. You can also export the report in the dashboard to a comma separated values (CSV) file.

To get the permissions that you need to view the Invoice Reports dashboard, ask your Organization IAM Admin to grant you the corresponding project viewer role for the platform-obs project.

To access the Invoice Reports dashboard and get an invoice using the kubectl CLI, work through the following steps:


  1. Sign into the GDCH console.
  2. In the navigation menu, select Billing > Reports. The Billing reports page opens.
  3. In the Invoice data section, click View dashboard to open the Invoice Reports dashboard.


Get your invoice:

kubectl get -n billing-system

The Invoice Reports dashboard consists of the following table and graphs:

Invoices Table

The Invoices Table is a table that presents a detailed view of your costs for an invoice. The Invoices Table displays the following columns:

Column Description
Invoice ID The unique ID of the invoice from a specific invoice_line_item.
Billing account ID Your GDCH account ID number.
Task Order - CLIN The task order number and contract line item number of your organization.
SKU description The description of what the SKU represents.
SKU ID The ID number of the SKU.
Usage start date The first day of the month when starting a specific invoice_line_item.
Usage end date The final day of the month when ending a specific invoice_line_item.
Unit price ($) The cost per quantity in United States Dollar (USD) amount.

For example, the unit price for Compute depends on the amount of servers you used.
Usage amount The amount of each unit you used.
Usage unit The type of unit you used.
Cost The total cost of each SKU by line.

Cost by Month

The Cost by Month graph displays graphs of your costs in a monthly view. The Cost by Month graph informs you of how much your costs have increased or decreased in a month by month basis. The monitoring instance defaults the monthly view to All.

To customize the view by month, do the following:

  1. In the menu bar, set your preferred time range from the Timepicker drop-down.
  2. Select your preferred period of time.

Cumulative Total Cost

The Cumulative Total Cost graph scales your cumulative total cost in a given timeline.

Filter invoice data

You can filter values you see in the Invoice Reports dashboard through the menu bar. The menu bar lets you customize the values you see in the Invoices Table, Cost by Month and Cumulative Total Cost sections. The menu bar consists of the following tabs:

Tab Description
Invoice date A drop-down that filters the Invoices Table and Total Cost (USD) column on your preferred date.
SKU A drop-down that lets you select which SKU to view.
Task Order - CLIN A drop-down that lets you select a specific TO and CLIN to view.
Threshold (USD) An input field you add in USD to cap the dollar amount of the Cumulative Total Cost graph.

Export and print invoices

You can export an invoice to a portable document format (PDF) and print through the dashboard user interface.

To export an invoice to PDF and print, do the following:

  1. From the navigation menu, click the Dashboards icon.
  2. In the Billing folder, select the Invoice Reports dashboard.
  3. From the menu bar, select an invoice date from the Invoice Date drop-down, and a TO number and CLIN from the Task Order- CLIN drop-down. After selecting these values, the dashboard generates and auto-fills the following input fields:

    Invoice dashboard shows input field values to export the invoice

    Input field Description
    Organization name The name of your organization.
    Invoice ID The ID of the invoice.
    Generated date The date when you created the exported invoice.
    Billing Account ID The ID of your billing account.
    Task Order - CLIN The TO and CLIN of your organization.
    Billing time range The invoice dates you selected to export.
    Currency The asset type abbreviated by country. For example: USD.
    Total cost The cumulative costs of all SKUs in the invoice.
  4. From your keyboard, press V to preview the entire dashboard panel.

  5. Press CTRL + P or Command + P to open your browser's default print setting.

  6. Select Save to PDF to save the invoice to an exported PDF file in your preferred directory. You can print this PDF file at any time.

    Invoice PDF showing values of the selected invoice to export