gdcloud CLI overview

This page contains an overview of the Distributed Cloud Hosted gdcloud CLI, instructions on how to download and install it, and information on configurations.

What is the gdcloud CLI?

The gdcloud CLI is a set of tools to create and manage Google Distributed Cloud Hosted (GDCH) resources. Use these tools to perform common tasks from the command line or through scripts and automation.

The gdcloud CLI allows you to bootstrap infrastructure, manage authentication, and customize local configurations.

Download and install the gdcloud CLI

To start using gdcloud CLI:

  1. Download the bundle.
  2. Install the tools.
  3. Initialize the configuration.

The current gdcloud CLI version is 1.12. Download and install previous versions of the gdcloud CLI from the download archive.


The gdcloud CLI properties are settings that affect the behavior of the gdcloud CLI tools.

Enabling accessibility features

For a more streamlined screen reader experience, the gdcloud CLI comes with an accessibility/screen_reader property.

To enable the accessibility property, run:

gdcloud config set accessibility/screen_reader true

For more details about the accessibility features that come with the gdcloud CLI, see the Enabling accessibility features guide.


A configuration is a set of gdcloud CLI properties. A configuration works like a profile.

When you start using the gdcloud CLI, you work with a single configuration named default and you can set properties by running the gdcloud init or gdcloud config set commands. The default configuration is suitable for most use cases.

To work with multiple projects or organizations, you can set up multiple configurations with gdcloud config configurations create and switch among the configurations. Within a configuration, you can customize properties. For example, to set your project within an active configuration use the project property:

gdcloud config set project PROJECT_ID

For a detailed account of these concepts, see the Manage gdcloud CLI configurations guide.