View service statuses and endpoints

You can view the status and endpoints of the Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Speech-to-Text, and Translation pre-trained APIs.

To view the status and endpoints of the pre-trained models, do the following:

  1. If you aren't signed in to the GDCH console, follow the steps in Sign in to the GDCH console.

  2. In the navigation menu, select Vertex AI, and click Pre-trained APIs. If the Enable or Disable buttons aren't visible, verify that you have the correct permissions to enable or disable the pre-trained APIs. To learn more, see Permissions required to enable pre-trained APIs.

  3. On the Pre-trained APIs page, view the status of each pre-trained API. The status is either Enabled or Disabled. If the status of a service is Enabled, its endpoint is displayed. You can use the endpoint to programmatically interact with the Vertex AI service. For more information, see Use a Vertex AI pre-trained model in a JupyterLab notebook.

If an API fails to enable, you might see information to help troubleshoot the API enablement failure.