Identify developer permissions

To use Vertex AI services on Google Distributed Cloud Hosted (GDCH), the Application Operator (AO) user must have the correct permissions. If the AO can't access or use a Vertex AI service, then contact the Project IAM Administrator to add them.

The required role for each service follows:

Vertex AI service Role Role description
Vertex AI Workbench workbench-notebooks-viewer You can access the Vertex AI Workbench UI.
You can see notebooks in a project.
You can access notebook instances.
Vertex AI Workbench workbench-notebooks-admin You can create or delete notebooks in their project.
You can do everything a user with the workbench-notebooks-viewer role can do.
Optical Character Recognition (OCR) ai-ocr-developer
Speech-to-Text ai-speech-developer
Translation ai-translation-developer

For more information, see Grant IAM permission to open a JupyterLab notebook.