gdcloud topic cli-trees


gdcloud topic cli-trees - Supplementary help for CLI trees.


CLI trees are static nested dictionaries that describe all groups, commands, flags, positionals, help text, and completer module paths for a CLI. A static CLI tree is often much faster to load and access than a CLI tree generated at runtime from an active CLI. It is also a more compact representation. A properly formed CLI tree can be used to reproduce the help documentation for an entire CLI.

CLI-Trees Data Files

A CLI tree is a dictionary stored in a JSON file. By convention, the file base name is the corresponding CLI name. For example, the CLI tree file name for the gdcloud CLI is gdcloud.json. CLI trees associated with GDCH CLI modules are installed in the data/cli subdirectory of the root of the unzipped GDCH CLI bundle directory.

<path to CLI unzipped directory>/google-distributed-cloud-hosted-cli/data/cli/gdcloud.json

This file contains tree data for the gdcloud CLI. Note that the gdcloud CLI does not require this CLI tree to run.