gdcloud compute disks create


gdcloud compute disks create - Create virtual machine disks.


gdcloud compute disks create DISK_NAME [flags]


To create a disk with a certain image, run:

    gdcloud compute disks create example-disk \
    --project example-project \
    --size 10GB \
    --image ubuntu-20.04-server-cloudimg-amd64-1.0 \
    --image-project vm-system

To create a blank disk, run:

    gdcloud compute disks create example-disk \
    --project example-project \
    --size 10GB


  -h, --help                   help for create
      --image string           The image name for the disk.
                               The disk will be created from the given image.
                               If not specified, the created disk will be blank.
                               To view a list of available image to use, run "gdcloud compute images list".
      --image-project string   The project of the image for the disk.
                               If specifying one of our public shared images, "image-project" must be provided.
                               The public shared image project is "vm-system".
                               If not specified, but "image" is provided, the current default project will be used.
                               Only public shared images and images in the same project as the instance are supported.
      --project string         Project ID where the virtual machine disk is to be created.
      --size string            The size of the disk.
                               The value must be a whole number followed by a size unit of GB for gigabyte, or TB for terabyte.
                               For example, "10GB" will produce a 10 gigabyte disk.
                               The disk size must be a multiple of 1 GB.
                               If not specified, the minimum disk size of the boot image will be used.
                               If the minimum disk size is not set in the image, an error will be thrown.