Overview of Database Service API

Database Service API uses Kubernetes custom resources and relies on the Kubernetes Resource Model (KRM). It is used to create and manage database clusters in Google Distributed Cloud Hosted (GDCH).

Use the kubectl CLI for the Database Service APIs.

Service endpoint

The following URLs are the API endpoints for the Database Service KRM APIs:

  • https://GDCH_API_SERVER_ENDPOINT/apis/fleet.dbadmin.gdc.goog/v1
  • https://GDCH_API_SERVER_ENDPOINT/apis/oracle.dbadmin.gdc.goog/v1
  • https://GDCH_API_SERVER_ENDPOINT/apis/postgresql.dbadmin.gdc.goog/v1

Replace GDCH_API_SERVER_ENDPOINT with the endpoint of the GDCH API server.

Discovery document

Use the kubectl proxy --port=8001 command to open a proxy to the API server on your local machine. From there, you can access the discovery document at one of the following URLs: