gdcloud compute ssh


gdcloud compute ssh - SSH to a GDCH virtual machine.


gdcloud compute ssh INSTANCE_NAME [flags]


To SSH to virtual machine example-instance in project projectA, run:

    gdcloud compute ssh example-instance --project projectA


      --command string                    A command to run on the virtual machine.
                                          Runs the command on the target instance and then exits. Example:
                                            gcloud compute ssh example-instance --command="ps -ejH"
  -h, --help                              help for ssh
      --project string                    Project ID of the virtual machine to SSH to.
      --ssh-flag stringArray              Additional flags to be passed to ssh(1).
                                          It is recommended that flags be passed using an assignment operator and quotes. Example:
                                            gcloud compute ssh example-instance --ssh-flag="-vvv" --ssh-flag="-L 80:localhost:80"
      --strict-host-key-checking string   Override the default behavior of StrictHostKeyChecking for the connection.
                                          By default, StrictHostKeyChecking is set to 'ask' when '--quiet' is NOT on, otherwise it is set to 'accept-new'.
                                          Must be one of: "yes", "no", "ask", "accept-new". (default "ask")