Vertex AI Workbench API overview

The Vertex AI Workbench application programming interface (API) is a programmatic interface to the Vertex AI Workbench service. Google builds the control-plane APIs on top of Kubernetes, using the Kubernetes Resource Model (KRM). The control plane performs resource management for services such as Notebook creation and deletion.

About Vertex AI Workbench API

Vertex AI Workbench service currently supports only the Kubernetes-based (KRM) API. Refer to the KRM page under Vertex AI Workbench section for the User Interface (UI) equivalent functionality.

Service endpoint

The following URL is the API endpoint for the Vertex AI Workbench service KRM API:


Replace ORG_ADMIN_CLUSTER_KUBERNETES_API_ENDPOINT with the API endpoint of your organization admin Kubernetes cluster.

Discovery document

Use the kubectl proxy --port=8001 command to open a proxy to the API server on your local machine. From there, you can access the discovery document at the following URL: