gdcloud topic configurations


gdcloud topic configurations - Supplementary help for named configurations.


gdcloud CLI properties can be stored in named configurations, which are collections of key-value pairs that influence the behavior of gdcloud CLI. Named configurations are beneficial if you manage more than one project or organization. Properties commonly stored in configurations include the organization console URL and project ID. Configurations let you define and enable these and other settings together as a group. Configuration data is stored in $HOME/.config/gdcloud/. Configurations are especially useful if you + Work with multiple projects. You can create a separate configuration for each project. - Use multiple organization console URLs. * Perform generally independent tasks For example, one configuration can be used to work on the Object Storage service in one project and manage an unrelated service in another project. Property information stored in named configurations are readable by all gdcloud CLI commands. To add more properties, use the gdcloud config set command.

Create configurations

Named configurations can be defined by users or built into gdcloud CLI. User-defined configurations have lowercase names, such as johndoe, default, jeff-staging, or foo2. These are defined by the following regular expression ^[a-z][-a-z0-9]*$. To create a new configuration, run

gdcloud init

This guides you through setting up your first named configuration, creating a new named configuration, or reinitializing an existing named configuration. Note that reinitializing an existing configuration removes all its existing properties.

To create a new empty configuration, run

gdcloud config configurations create [CONFIG_NAME]

Use configurations

gdcloud CLI should have at most one active configuration which provides property values. Inactive configurations have no effect on gdcloud CLI executions. To activate a configuration, run

gdcloud config configurations activate [CONFIG_NAME]

To view and change the properties of your active configuration, run

gdcloud config list
gdcloud config set

Additionally, commands under the gdcloud config configurations group let you list, activate, rename, describe, and delete configurations that might or might not be active.

Available Properties

accessibility * screen_reader * If set, gdcloud CLI activates the screen reader.

auth * login_config_cert_path * Path of the file that stores the current login configuration certificate.

component_manager * disable_update_check * If set, gdcloud CLI does not automatically check for updates.

core * organization_console_url * URL to the current GDCH organization UI/console. Note that it should start with https //console.. For example, https // * project * Current GDCH project name.

storage * s3_access_key_id * Access key ID of the S3 storage object. It is a unique identifier for users. * s3_secret_access_key * Private key of the S3 storage object that is used to sign requests. * s3_custom_ca_certs_file * Custom certificates file for the S3 storage object. * s3_endpoint * The URL of the S3 object consists of S3_ENDPOINT/$BUCKET_NAME/$OBJECT_NAME. The S3_ENDPOINT is the location where the S3 storage bucket is located.