Accelerate drug development

Life science organizations are tasked with developing increasingly tailored therapeutics. Our solutions can help accelerate drug development and clinical trials bring therapies to patients faster.

FDA MyStudies on Google Cloud

Effective clinical studies meet people where they are. With Google Cloud you can use mobile tools to recruit, enroll, and engage, collecting data directly from participants in a regulatory-compliant manner.

Evidence for clinical trials
Utilize real-world data for medical research with the FDA’s open-source MyStudies platform.
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Story highlights

  • Google is supporting the FDA’s RWE goals

  • FDA MyStudies is coming to GCP

  • Stanford’s MyHeart Counts study to be an initial use-case

Accenture INTIENT collaboration platform

Encourage insights and collaboration across the life sciences enterprise with this platform built by Accenture.

Story highlights

  • Four key product suites span R&D to patient services

  • Use of AI and advanced analytics improves patient outcomes

Data analysis for drug development

Analyze and process large amounts of data to generate more promising drug targets and advance scientific research.

Story highlights

  • Narrowed 680 million compounds to 120 most promising ones

  • Google Cloud VMs reduced project time from a year to 24 hrs

High performance computing

Google Cloud’s powerful, flexible infrastructure supports scalable workloads for faster, more cost-effective drug discovery.

Pharma SAP on Google Cloud

Utilize industry-leading analytics and machine learning with SAP on Google Cloud to innovate across the life sciences value chain and expedite drug development.

Story highlights

  • Make data-driven decisions for product manufacturing, drug distribution, and pharmacy ops

  • Migrate and modernize the mission-critical SAP environment to Google Cloud

SAP on Google Cloud

Migrate simply and deploy faster on an agile and secure cloud with best-in-class reliability, network, and uptime performance.

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